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Job Announcement

Job Announcement

Number of job: (2)
‏Salary amount: 25,000 Afghanis (monthly)
‏Working hours: full time
‏ location: Private clinic -Paktia Province - Afghanistan
‏Gender of the employed person: female
‏Degree: Bachelor (related)
‏Work Experience: Three related years
‏Date: 2023/January/20
Registration Method:
‏Eligible people can refer to Barwar Office for more information and registration along with a photo and two copies of their ID card.
#Address: Shahr e naw, infront of Etisalat head office, next to Andkhoi Bastan restaurant, second floor on the left side of stairs, Barwar employment service company, Kabul - Afghanistan
‏Note: Afsog membership is mandatory

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